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. >> okay. at this time dan adams from the mayor's office of housing will do the presentation on the legislation, and he will try to address many of the questions that were raised by the supervisors and demonstrate the need to pass this legislation. dan. >> thank you. i'm going to give a very brief presentation which really serves to under score the very pertinent and comments that have been already put fort. i do have a four point. you have copies being distributed to you. there you go. simply put we're returning the threshold for the inclusionary requirement before it was 2006. it's a simple piece of legislation that just reverts us to our former standard and we're going to talk through about what we have seen or not seen over the last six years since the legislation was enacted and also -- i mean or furthermore one of the things as you have all noted since that time we have been engaged in this trust fund proposal that and legislation is a part of that overall package. as we have already pointed out the housing trust fund includes the charter amendment on the novembe
, and will help myself and other bicyclists and pedestrians, and make the neighborhood look nice too. >> dan landry. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, board. my name is actually dan landy, no "r." i live in the north panhandle neighborhood, two blocks from grove. i am a bicyclist. i am a car driver. i am a pedestrian. and every now and then i take the 43 masonic bus. i think i avail myself of all transportation options. and i think this is an excellent plan. i will speak first as a bicyclist. i have been living in the neighborhood 15 years. and during that time bicycle transportation has definitely improved a lot. and i thank you for your part in that. i now have great ways to go east, south and west. unfortunately north the only real way to go is masonic. and as others have mentioned, it's unsafe and scary. i too ride on the sidewalk at night. i don't like riding on the sidewalk, but i do not want to take my life into my hands. so you will probably hear from plenty of people telling you it's necessary for cyclists. that's a no-brainer. as a car driver i have to go that way sometimes. an
cases before the board tonight. dan snyder, representing the planning department and planning commission. patrick o'reardon, senior building inspector, we have aliana crusho and janine young from the department of health and mr. harris from the police department. if you could go over the board meeting guidelines and conduct the swearing in process. >> turn off all phones and pagers. please carry on conversations in the hallway. the board's rules of presentations are as follows. appellants, permit holders each have seven minutes to represent their cases and three minutes for rebuttals. people affiliated with these parties must include their comments within the seven or three minute periods. members of the public not affiliated with the parties have up to three minutes to address the board but no rebuttals. to assist in the accurate preparation of the minutes, people are asked to submit a speaker card or business card to board staff when you come up to the podium. speaker cards are available on the left side of the podium. the board welcomes your comments or suggestions. there are customer
government. they've been really at the forefront with us. certainly dan bernel representing leader pelosi. she has been really a stalwart fighter. when everybody was cutting funds, she preserved that money for us. and, of course, i've got to put out a big, big thanks to president obama because without that recovery money, we wouldn't be here talking about this today. so, thank you, president obama. (applause) >> and leader pelosi, federal partners working with our local folks here. that's how we get these things done. and then i want to just give a special shout out to dr. colvax who is here. i know he gave such you an incredible dedication when he was the head of the hiv unit while he was here. we're changing stories now that he's at the head of the national office on hiv policy and the national policy office. how wonderful he thinks of san francisco now and he has to go and interact with washington. (applause) >> they probably talk about that in a minute. but everybody that i know that ever has to go to washington, d.c. or any other place, that they came from san francisco. we know what
garcia, and then mr. walker. thank you. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is dan weaver and i am applying for one of the open seats that i qualify for on the balboa citizen's advisory committee. my city experience in terms of working with city government includes my current role at the mta citizen's advisory committee where i'm the vice-chair and also the chair of the engineering maintenance committee. i have served in the past couple of years ago as chair of the san francisco utility undergrounding task force and we succeeded in issuing a report. i've been involved for a number of years in the ocean avenue revitalization and involved in the development of the better neighborhoods plan around the balboa park bart station and ocean avenue. i'm a board member of the, probably the only property in the station area that has any nongovernment attachments to it, which is the historic geneva [speaker not understood] and power house which we're seeking to restore and occupy as a cultural center and were discussed -- that role is discussed in the balboa area plan. currently i'm serving as
. before i tell you a little bit about myself, i just want to echo what supervisor elsbernd said about dan weaver. he is awe inspiring, a legendary neighborhood advocate and he would do wonders on this committee. a little bit about myself. i'm a practicing attorney in san francisco. i live in westwood park. i have a son who is now a sophomore at [speaker not understood] high school just adjacent to the balboa park station. i am also a member of the board of directors of the ocean avenue association, the cbd that mr. weaver is the executive director of. and i'm currently serving as treasurer of the ocean avenue association. i think it's fair to say that ocean avenue corridor has turned a corner. we've seen tremendous improvements in the area and i think now is precisely the time to focus on the balboa park station and all that that can offer to the entire community, city college, [speaker not understood], and all the residents in the area. i bring an open mind and a commitment to service and i would very much like to be a part of this committee. i do notice that i had applied for vacancies
street and powell and hyde streets. >> good afternoon, share man woo ho and commissioners. >> dan with the port's planning and development division. we are seeking approval for two blocks on jefferson street which is the first phase of a five block project to reconstruct this street. this report focuses on those two blocks, the remaining blocks could be similar, but would be subject to further approvals. the purpose is to improve the quality of the pedestrian experience in the fisherman's warf and enhance the business environment and balance for transportation access. i would like to touch on the background and talk about the major issues and summarize the requested actions for you today. jefferson street project is an effort led by the city planning department who worked with the community benefit district and the larger community where many issues were addressed and shaped the final project. the project manager from city planning is here and available today. the city's department of public works is the project's sponsor to implement the construction, and john thomas of dpw is al
, dan snyder with the planning department. very briefly to frame this from a planning perspective, this is an as of right project. no neighborhood notice was required. it is code compliant. the issues you heard raised by appellant is on construction methodology, seismic issues. if you're inclined i would be more than happy to cede my remaining time to my colleagues at the building department who would speak to it with measure accuracy. >> vice president fung: no planning department notification was required. >> correct. absolutely no section 311 or 312 notification, no planning commission notification, from our department. >> good evening, commissioners. patrick o'reardon, dbi. i won't even begin to speak to the complexities of the engineering involved with this project but it is complex and it does involve means and methods or personaliation grouting and tunneling, shoring, having to do with creating this additional basement space. so i did visit the site yesterday just to get an idea of what the -- was and what everything looked like, and reviewed the drawings. and i did note th
that we have done over the past 20 years. dan adams of my staff will go into greater detail about this specific legislation, and again how it is a crucial part of the larger housing trust fund. thank you very much. >> thank you mr. lee. so why don't we go to president david chu before the presentation by your staff. >> was supervisor cohen on the mic? >> i was but -- >> great. >> i can yield to you mr. president. >> thank you. first of allcology leagues i want to thank you for considering this legislation as i think you understand the context of this. this was a policy change that came out of the hard work of the working group and i want to thank them for not only the work they did on the measure we will be considering on the november ballot but as well as considering trailing legislation i think this is the first piece that this committee and our board will be considering. i know it wasn't easy for our housing advocates, and policy makers and developers to develop the consensus when needed when there was so much at stake and i want to say that the unity the afforable housing c
shared that entirely with us. >> i don't see that anywhere. >> dan, do you know the cost? >> with the ports planning and development division, there are a number of components where pier one is being removed and gate a with be in, and gate f would be constructed next to gate e down here, they are looking at around $110 million by the time that you look the a, f, and g and another one. it would be phased. and it is essentially will be done in three different projects and there is land side improvements as well. particularly to the, in the lagoon area to the south of the building and also between the ferry building and pier one house. >> that is a great investment and that is... that means that there could be more ferry capacity. >> that is the idea, yes. >> and more in terms of planning where the ferry routes would be? or is that to be determined? >> the water emergency transportation authority is doing some coordination to make the ferry routes logical to the births so as to minimize crossing of ferries in the bay. so the gate, a, would be looking at the north bay, destin
of the structure? >> dan snyder from the planning department. i think our only comment would be to provide some some background and context on the history of this building. it was built in 1896 engine company no. 33 firehouse recognize in the here today book which is an acknowledged historic survey. this property was considered for city landmarking in recent past. it did not receive that designation but it was considered. it's a category a known historic resource. and commissioners, that's the basic set of preservation fact. we're of course happy to respond to your questions. >> vice president fung: thank you. >> it says -- i think you wrote here that you're a designer. what kind of designer are you? >> i'm sorry? >> what kind of designer are you? >>ographic designer. >> thank you. that's it. >> vice president fung: well i think the advice you got -- i think we already -- unfortunately the advice you got, i think probably was not correct. it would have been not so difficult to brace this portion of effort, and then to replace it -- excuse me, not replace it, but to remove the materials that had
is dan al lard. i'm here today to pledge my support for the restaurant and the baros family. i am very familiar with the restaurant as it was one of the first restaurants i ever went to when i first moved to the city about 25 years ago. i found it to be a lively place. the food was great. and the band played a very integral part in making it such a fun atmosphere. i met the owners, and in discussions about their business i find them to be serious and determined business people, with great sensitivity and compassion for the neighborhood and for the city of san francisco. if given the privilege of an entertainment permit, i know the baros family will work diligently to follow the terms of the permit. i respectfully request that you grant the entertainment permit for the restaurant. thank you. >> president fong: any additional public comment? seeing none, commissioner gordon. >> i am thrilled this restaurant is reopening. i was a person who went very often and i loved the festive atmosphere, the music. it was always such a fun place. nowadays it's super-unique along valencia because it ha
milk and george moscone i were taken out by an insane dan white. i mean, if you want to be the mayor's lackey, go ahead, be the mayor's lacky. you know, oust ross if you think he committed official misconduct. a lot of people don't feel that way. former police officers spent nine years with the sfpd. i wrote curriculum for the sf board of university school district, [speaker not understood] program there. i know a lot about domestic violence. this doesn't fit within my perimeters of domestic violence, taking a car, driving home not to have lunch in a public place and an argument. that, the only injuries were a bruised arm. so, i would ask that you all please take note in what i'm trying to say, don't be the mayor's lacky. either vote no against misconduct or recuse yourself. there is a big conflict of interest here because many of you have served with supervisor ross mirkarimi in the past. president chiu, honorable board of supervisors, i thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >>> my name is eugene gordon, jr. homosapien gender [speaker not understood], in con
is dan letter. i'm with prologis. >> yes, sir. so i guess, you know, i understand that, you know, any company wants to make as much money they can out of every deal that they are working on. but you are talking about, you know, doing business with the city and county that doesn't have unlimited resources. we don't have a lot of money and we have had to make many cuts over the years. this is a property that as i understand you bought for $21 million. the deal, as it is, you're set to make $70 million over the 20-year lease. are you open to renegotiating some of the terms that we have discussed? >> i will answer your question, then i would like to expand a little, if you don't mind. >> yes, please. >> we are not interested in renegotiating that lease. candidly, your team was very difficult to deal with. there's been a focus today and in the report that we move more quickly than the mta, when the reality behind it is this building was not on the market. the building became vacant. i am charged with finding real estate for our company. that requires me knocking on a lot of doors. i happen
of this year. and that concludes the presentation on these studies and i'll turn the presentation back to dan. >> thank you. >> okay, thank you, chester. i will make haste. so, in district 7 we have john muir bike lanes, buffered bike lane facility installation in october of 2012. 19th avenue median improvements moving into construction. this is construction of local median plantings along 19th avenue from lincoln way to wawona. the west portal [speaker not understood] these are both -- dewey traffic calming project [speaker not understood]. the projects were a bit delayed but they were delayed so they could be coordinated with each other. they are both moving forward at this point. there are several traffic calming projects in district 7, over 30 from seven difficult aren't traffic calming plans. we provided the maps with all the plans and the status of all the specific small improvements within your packets [speaker not understood]. the majority of the project should be near completion by the end of this year. pedestrian refuge island, this is complete, 19the avenue pedestrian signal, same
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)